酒名: Fontalloro 1997 (Tuscany)
酒廠: Fattoria di Felsina (義大利)
售價: NT$830
販售處: 長榮桂冠酒坊
推薦程度: * * * * *

此酒美國零售價約為60美元(約合台幣NT$2000),義大利當地零售價約為55000里拉(約合台幣NT$900),而台北一瓶賣NT$830,比產地還要便宜,因此在價格方面是非常划算的。而在品質方面,此酒可說是集各方好評於一身,Wine Spectator給93分,Parker給92,Tanzer給92分(這位老兄常在紐約時報發表酒評,尤其對Burgundy頗有研究),Gambero Rosso也給它最高推薦的三支杯子;Gambero Rosso是一本極具影響力的義大利酒指南,它在2000年版中共評了多達一萬一千多款義大利酒,只有182支酒獲得三支杯子的推薦,而Fontalloro 1997就是其中之一。

此酒款在義大利酒中原本就已算是相當高檔的紅酒,只有在好年份才生產,過去近二十年來品質一直很穩定,就義大利IGT紅酒而言算是一支高價酒,而這支Fontalloro 1997不僅在台北售價低廉,在品質上也得到專家的好評,故予以五顆星的推薦。我個人喝過後也覺得此酒做得極佳,口感香氣都非常像Tignanello 1997,不過價錢只有Tignanello 1997的40%,以Wine Spectator、Parker雙雙給予92以上的高分、但在台北賣台幣八百多塊的酒,我想恐怕要很久才能碰到一次。

我昨晚開了一瓶來喝,果然濃稠驚人! 此酒顏色極深,充滿黑莓、黑醋栗的水果香氣中仍有一些煙燻燒烤味,入口非常濃郁甜美,黑莓、黑醋栗等水果味十分豐富,並帶有一些黑巧克力的風味,酒體非常厚實,單寧豐富而有一點咬口,餘味悠長,層次感與複雜度都頗具水準,各種風味很像厚重的Cabernet Sauvignon,反而不像優雅細緻的Sangiovese;感覺上仍非常年輕,尚未完全進入成熟適飲的階段,但由於相當甜美華麗,現在就拿來搭配燒烤或牛羊肉也還算是得當,但也可再繼續陳年一陣子,等待它發展成熟。我個人覺得這支酒做得極好,強壯、濃郁、紮實而富果味,可說是”超級托斯卡尼”紅酒的代表作;而且以這種一瓶不到台幣1000元的價位,加上幾乎所有的專業酒評都給予極高的評分,我想各位網友實在該去買瓶試試;如果合口味,絕對值得再多買個幾瓶放個幾年,留待將來逐年享用。

最後我還是要講一句話: 此酒真的是Truly Outstanding! 以此價位,絕對值得買二瓶留著!!


1997 Fattoria di Felsina Fontalloro (Tuscany): A Sangiovese that seldom disappoints in good vintages. As you pick up the '97, it moves in and takes charge, pointing out salient characteristics of both its terroir and its year. Its most striking quality is not splendid harmony, like the '93, or immediacy, the strong point of the '95, but an enormous, almost uncontainable energy. At the moment, the nose lacks a little finesse, but with its very ripe fruit and prominent oak, it performs eloquently on the palate, where the vigorous attack and seamless progression are underpinned by a massive tannic structure. The long finish reveals notes of black berry fruit, spice and chocolate." 3 Glasses, Gambero Rosso's, Italian Wines, 2001

"1997 Fattoria di Felsina Fontalloro (Tuscany): Tight and powerful. Slightly rough, yet racy. Attractive aromas of dried cherries, berries and lilacs. Full body. Silky tannins. Long, slightly austere finish." ---- 93 Points - Wine Spectator, October 31, 2000

"1997 Fattoria di Felsina Fontalloro (Tuscany): May be the finest made from this single vineyard (and I have tasted them back through the early eighties). Aged two years in French oak, there are 3,000 cases of this spectacular wine. Dense ruby/purple-colored, with a chocolate espresso-scented nose infused with cherry liqueur, it is a full-bodied, sweet wine with wonderful fatness, terrific ripeness, plenty of glycerin, and a chewy, long, spicy finish. There is some tannin in this youthful offering, but its appealing flamboyance is attention-getting. It should last for 12-15+ years."----- 92 Points - Robert M. Parker, Jr.'s, The Wine Advocate, Issue 130

"1997 Fattoria di Felsina Fontalloro (Tuscany): Deep, solid ruby-garnet. Powerful in aroma, with notes of tobacco, tar, damp earth and vanilla. Full, intense flavors are nonetheless tightly wound and in need of bottle aging. Powerful tannins upholster the palate. Dense and concentrated on the finish." ---- 92 Points - Stephen Tanzer's, International Wine Cellar, Issue 91

By BTI Staff Writer, Beverage Testing Institute, Dec '99
Deep ruby garnet hue. Intense cedar, mineral, and red fruit aromas. A ripe entry leads to an intense, grippy palate. Needs lots of time. Long-term cellar. ---- 90-95 points

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